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Falcon, a brand of Svalbard Enterprise Inc., provides an efficient system in doing blueprints. With the continuous market demand for economical CAD prints, we are revolutionizing the blueprint experience with super-fast and affordable large format printing technologies.

By using our systems, operators can conveniently make high-quality blueprints with a peace of mind that their health will not be affected.

As a customer-centric company, we also make sure that our customers are always satisfied with our products. That’s why we invest heavily on providing proper training to our customers on how to use our machines and also have responsive after-sales service.

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: (63) 2 8255 5139 or fill out the following form.

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Metro Manila Office

Unit 115 Cityland Grand Central Residences, EDSA corner Sultan Road, Mandaluyong City

Tel: (63) 2 8255 5139

Cebu Office

Unit 102 The Orient Building,

General Echavez corner San Miguel Street, Barangay Lorega, San Miguel, Cebu City

Tel: +63 (32) 503 1699

Mobile: +63 968 326 7073



Why Falcon?

All Falcon products have gone through careful research and development before they are introduced to the market. Each machine part has passed strict quality control measurements to ensure that it will perform above industry standards.

What is F.A.S.T. System?

The Falcon Automatic Separation Technological System (F.A.S.T.) is comprised of the Falcon B800 Blueprinter, Falcon Blueline Diazo Paper, and Falcon Liquid Developer. With this system, you can create high-quality blueprint copies in less than 5 seconds per page. Our machines also feature a single-feed mechanism where light exposure and development only goes through a single process.

What is the warranty of Falcon B800 Blueprinter?

Falcon B800 Blueprinter comes with 1 year warranty limited on main motor and service. Transportation may not be included if location is outside Metro Manila.

How long can you store Falcon Blueline Diazo Paper?

Falcon Blueline Diazo Paper can normally last around 4-5 months from production date when stored properly.

How do you store Falcon Blueline Diazo Paper?

  • Always keep unused paper inside the black plastic packaging

  • Make sure the black plastic packaging is sealed properly to avoid moisture and contamination

  • Store paper in a cool, dry place

  • It is best to store in a cabinet where it will not be exposed to any light source

How long can you store Falcon Liquid Developer?

Falcon Liquid Developers can last 2 years from manufacturing date.

What technology does the Falcon Digital CAD Printers Use?

The Falcon Digital CAD Printers use a single-pass printhead technology to achieve blazing speeds.

What is the print speed?

10 pages per minute (based on 20x30 size) and 8 pages per minute (based on A1 size).

Does it have any inks or toners?

No, it does not need any inks or toners. It uses heat to print on the special coated paper which significantly reduces print costs.

What types of prints can it do?

It can print Blueprints and Mono Prints. When you load Falcon Digital Blueline Paper, it will automatically produce blue lines. When you load Falcon Digital Blackline Paper, it will automatically produce black lines.

How long can you store the Falcon Digital Blueline and Blackline Papers?

It can last for more than a year as long as it is stored properly. Storage is just similar to regular bond papers. Best to keep in a cool, dry place inside its box packaging.

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