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Falcon B800 Blueprinter

  • Make blueprint copies as fast as 5 seconds per page with Falcon's auto separation mechanism

  • Efficient and economical workhorse in making CAD copies

  • Can fit up to 42" (1067mm) width paper


Efficient operations with the Falcon Automatic Separation Technological (F.A.S.T.) System

  • Single-feed auto developing mechanism cuts operation time by 50%

  • Speeds of less than 5 secs/page when used together with Falcon Developer and Falcon Blueline Diazo Paper

  • Save on manpower & operations cost with the F.A.S.T. System

Value for your money

  • Uses 3 Lamps (made in Germany) for great longevity

  • Stress-tested chain wheels, rollers and belts

Peace of mind


  • No bad odor and eye irritation

  • Convenient operation without the toxic health hazards of ammonia

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