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Indoor Large Format Media
We provide you with a wide variety of indoor substrates for all your printing applications. From our technical media which is suited for architectural, engineering, and manufacturing designs, to our graphics media which is perfect for your full-colored layouts, you can surely find the perfect material to make your big ideas even BIGGER.

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Alps Paper, a brand of Svalbard Enterprise Inc., was launched with the vision of providing various indoor media to the large format printer users. The idea of creating this brand came about when we ourselves were having a difficult time in sourcing our media (paper) requirements. We tried calling several suppliers but can only get subpar quality media with very limited selections. The availability of high-quality media was so hard to find that we often settled for what’s available on the market.


We often asked ourselves – “what’s the use of investing on an expensive large format printer if there’s no way to get a stable supply of good quality media?”

With all these frustrations of insufficient media supply, we decided to find a solution for ourselves and at the same time help our co-printers in the industry. Thus, Alps Paper was born.


Our mission in creating Alps Paper can be summarized in this diagram.

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Metro Manila Office

Unit 115 Cityland Grand Central Residences, EDSA corner Sultan Road, Mandaluyong City

Tel: (63) 2 8255 5139

Cebu Office

Unit 102 The Orient Building,

General Echavez corner San Miguel Street, Barangay Lorega, San Miguel, Cebu City

Tel: +63 (32) 503 1699

Mobile: +63 968 326 7073



Which printers or inks is Alps Paper compatible with?

Most of our products are compatible with Aqueous (inkjet) printing systems that use either Dye or Pigment inks. Some of our products like Alps Universal Bond, Alps Natural Tracing, and Alps Premium Matte Film) are also compatible with toner-based laser printers. To know more about compatibility, you can refer to our products page where all specifications are provided.

What are the differences between Dye and Pigment Inks?

Dye inks are absorbed into a paper’s fibers. It produces more detailed images with smooth tones and better color vibrancy. The downside of using dye inks is its lower resistance to light and is less water-resistant. Thus it can fade faster and has a higher risk of smudging. Main applications of dye inks are for short term indoor printouts.


Pigment inks are made up of tiny, encapsulated particles that stay on top of the paper. It is more stable in UV light and is water resistant.Pigment inks are best for long-term indoor and short-term outdoor prints. They can last for several months before fading, or even for some years if protected against sunlight.

What is the advantage of using Alps Paper?

All of our products have undergone quality-assurance tests to ensure that you get the best printout quality. We have tested all our products with several printers to ensure compatibility and superb color output.

In our tests, we check the paper’s ink absorbency, uniformity and consistency in color. We use different types of files in doing test prints from CAD drawings to full-colored pictures. With this, we can ensure our customers that the product they will be receiving will produce brilliant printouts. All of our media rolls are also individually boxed to ensure optimum protection.

Where can I buy Alps Paper?

To provide stable supply to our customers, we are partnering with dealers in the metro cities and in multiple provincial areas. This setup helps extends the reach of our products even to the remote locations.

We have several authorized resellers nationwide. Just let us know your location and we can refer the nearest reseller in your area.

How do I know which paper to use?

Normally, the type of paper to use will depend on the file or layout that you will be printing. We recommend to use a thicker paper (ex. Alps Premium Coated Paper and Alps Photo Papers) when printing layouts that will use a lot of inks.For layouts that will use minimal inks on paper, a thinner type of paper (ex. Alps Universal Bond, Alps Bright White, and Alps Universal Coated) will do. You can refer to below table and check if any of your applications/layouts are part of the list. If you are unsure on which paper type is best for your application, please feel free to contact us.

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